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Christmas is a go after all.

The government has given students a six day travel window to make it home in time for the holidays.

Traveling will begin from December 3rd and mass testing will be used to prevent the spreading of the virus.

However, in Sheffield, the plan has been a topic of controversy.

Our reporter, Anastasia Koutsounia, has more…

National Book Day Wrap:

It’s National Book Day and schools have been organising activities throughout the week to celebrate.

This comes after a new study by National Literacy Trust showed that reading is currently in decline between children and young adults.

We’ve sent our reporter, Anastasia Koutsounia, to tell us how Hallam Primary School has decided to celebrate the occasion.

Lord Mayor:

A leaked document revealed that labour is in danger of losing Sheffield amongst other areas in the upcoming May elections.

The document suggested that the party might be looking at one of its worst election results.

Our reporter, Anastasia Koutsounia, contacted Lord Mayor to get his reaction to the news.

Good Taste Interview:

Cue: Good Taste, Sheffield’s only fair-trade shop, has turned 5 years old this week.

In this short time the not-for-profit charity shop has managed to raise over £30,000 pounds to provide clean water to families in Nigeria.

Mrs Jane Coleman, the owner, told us how her little shop is helping to change the world.

Peak’s story:

Peak District’s Mountain Rescue Teams are warning people against hiking at the district while the pandemic is still in full swing.

It seems the popular destination hasn’t lost its appeal as South Yorkshire residents keep traveling there for exercise and family outings.

David Torr, Team Leader of the Edale Mountain Rescue Team, told us why this needs to stop.


The Minister of Education has announced children ‘need to go back to school’ as schools can now reopen in a ‘safe’ and ‘controlled’ way.

However the doctors’ Union seems to share teachers’ fears about a second spike.

Our reporter, Anastasia Koutsounia, will give us the details.

Back to school voicer:

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