Writing features has always been my favourite part of journalism; it offers the opportunity to delve deeper into a story and showcase your literary passion. Something that I learned as a Features Editor for my university’s newspaper is that there is so much potential and creative freedom in features that, if used correctly, can result in a compelling piece of art. So that’s what I try to incorporate every time I pick up my pen and start writing one.

International students set up for failure before they even enter the UK job market

Why Umanga, a student from Qatar, was told she needs to be ‘exceptional’ to get a job…  Link to publication: http://forgetoday.com/2020/10/09/international-students-are-set-up-for-failure-before-they-even-enter-the-uk-job-market/ When Umanga Perera’s graduation was looming, depressed and terrified of failing to get a job, she applied for a ‘panic-Master’. Brought up in Qatar where local censorship thrives and citizenship is not given easily… Continue Reading →

Shadé Zahrai: Her Journey to success

The women’s empowerment coach-turned-TikTokeris here with advice for students dealing with the stress offinding ‘success’ During a period that has cultivated only worry and doubt to generations of students entering or leaving university, Shadé Zharai is introducing her almost 250,000 followers on TikTok to a new mind-set around developing their career.The 31-year-old Australian’s TikTok is… Continue Reading →

Introducing Before Breakfast: A band without a genre

The duo talks about finding their sound, belonging to a genre, and the meaning behind their newest single ‘Stand’. With the current lockdown in place my meeting with Before Breakfast begins with blurry screens and muffled voices; not a setting fit to inspire the complex conversations one seeks during interviews. Fortunately, like with their confessional… Continue Reading →


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Students with Disabilities: Is our university doing enough?

University is considered a rite of passage where both education and self-discovery are offered; existing skills are honed, new ones are discovered, cultures meet and, in many cases, independence grows. Some students view it as a path to economic prosperity or at least a chance to set your feet firmly into the arduous job market,… Continue Reading →

Can creativity help us out of a dark place?

Multimedia version: https://uosjournalism.shorthandstories.com/cancreativityhelpusoutofabadplace/index.html Creative arts have been around for centuries but now organisations are starting to use them as a way to battle mental health disorders and trauma. Why? Sheffield Flourish’s building is not immediately noticeable. The sizable brick building is hidden away from the noise of the main street, located in an alleyway with… Continue Reading →

Reclaim the night: Women against gender violence

According to UN Women, women and girls of all ages are exposed to the threat of rape, sexual assault, or abuse universally, whether in wartime or peacetime. The exact number of rape and sexual offences remain unclear due to the impunity surrounding perpetrators’ prosecutions, a situation worsened by some courts putting the blame on the… Continue Reading →

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