I’m a hyper, hard-working final year journalism student from University of Sheffield with a very dry wit and a knack for handling multiple projects at once – conspiracy theorists suggest I was born to be busy.

I am constantly curious and love meeting new people and listening to their stories – which, incidentally, is the reason why I chose journalism as my career path. My love for writing has no bounds and I’ve written many articles to prove it. It also led me to be the Features Editor for my university’s newspaper, Forge Press, for the second year in a row.

I put special effort in my articles to uplift women and communities that are neglected or wronged and broach issues that fall short of the trending list such as the treatment of international students, ableism, gendered violence (all of which can be found on the Features section).

But through my degree I’ve also developed a kinship with other sectors of journalism and so I now host a radio show – turned podcast on spotify-, called A Cup of Chatter, where my co-host and I pick a relevant topic each week featuring interviews, listeners’ answers from instagram polls, and even vox pops.

Because it is impossible for me to keep still I also handle the Marketing and social media aspect of a Greek take-away business in London named Ambrosia Meals [Facebook and Instagram here], helping them to get a head-start in the busy world of food restaurants, and have my own Youtube channel where I make content that ranges from university-related topics to social issues – such as the obesity strategy.

Aside from that, I have a strange love for exploring dark caves and climbing high mountains – both hobbies that leave me with a handful of agitated loved ones-; I am an avid reader and an admirer of photography, a craft that I believe captures this world from angles that tend to reveal something new and unexpected.

If you want to get in touch with me for a story or opportunity don’t hesitate to email me at: anastasia.koutsounia@gmail.com

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